6 Adoptable Pumping Station Pitfalls you need to be aware of

Top 6 Hidden Adoptable Pump Station Costs

Whilst there is plenty of clauses within Sewers for Adoption and Sewers for Scotland on how adoptable pumping stations should be built.  An increasing number of developers are being caught out, paying unforeseen remedial costs to get their pumping stations adopted.  Some of these costs could have been avoided during the design process and through clear communication through the contracting stage.

Here are the top 6 most common hidden costs for adoptable pumping stations;

  1. Telemetry – This is always required for the adopting authority to be able to take over your pumping station. It isn’t really an ‘optional’ extra as someone will have to pay for this eventually and it won’t be the adopting authority!
  2. Compound & Pumping Station Construction – Getting contractors back on site to complete civils snags can be a bit of a nightmare. Ensure you go through pumping station drawings in detail and clarify who is responsible for each aspect of the pumping station.
  3. Maintenance & Monitoring – All adopting authorities like to see a history of maintenance prior to adopting a pumping station to be happy that the system has been cared for and monitored regularly. Carrying out regular maintenance also gives you the opportunity to catch early warnings of potential system failures.
  4. Pre-approval Construction – It’s true, pumping stations can take a while to pass the technical approval process with the relevant adopting authority. However, constructing prior to technical approval runs the risk of potentially not having the pumping station adopted.  This can be because regulations and specifications can change therefore remedial works are required to bring the pumping station up to the new standard.
  5. Poor Pump Selection – Pumps fitted with their top impeller are set to their maximum duty. As impellers wear and the pipework degrades, pumps may no longer meet the required duties. This means prior to handover the pumps will need to be replaced instead of just changing the impeller.  This incurs a significantly higher cost.
  6. Re-certifications – lifting chains and davit sockets all need to be tested within the 6 months prior to the adoption day. These test certificates will need to be added to the O&M manual to ensure adoption.  Ensure that all the correct lifting gear including, lifting chains, davit arms and chain hoist if necessary, are secure in the compound as these can be a costly replacement.