Pump Service


Paradigm Service is dedicated to providing advanced maintenance solutions to ensure your pumping system is always running at optimum efficiency and performance levels. With maintenance engineers based in over 10 locations nationwide, the Paradigm Service Team are able to maintain over 1000 pumping stations every year.

With a Paradigm Care Plan, your pumping system will be kept fully operational with regular scheduled maintenance. Care plans can be taken out on all types of waste water pumping stations and we ensure our clients have access to the quickest response times possible.


  • Housing Developments, Hostels, Hotels, Care Homes, Hospitals
  • Universities, Academies, Colleges, Schools
  • Railway and Road Structures
  • Sports Arenas
  • Commercial and industrial Parks
  • Airports and Aviation
  • Quarries and Mining
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Arcades/Centres
  • Marine, Harbour and Dock Drainage