Adoptable Pumping Stations

If you’re looking for an easy experience with your Sewers for Adoption pumping stations, you’ve come to the right place.  With our own consulting engineering team and over 50 years of experience working with water utilities companies, we can help you achieve the best solution for your project.  From the S104 submission to the final adoption of the station, Paradigm will see you through ensuring all regulations and standards are adhered to.


What is “Sewers for Adoption“?

Sewers for Adoption is a document compiled and published by WRc plc outlining the standards in which developers must adhere to if planning to construct new drainage networks that are to be “Adopted” by the local water authority.  Each local water authority also publishes its own addendum to these guidelines tailored to their individual requirements.  The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure a uniform standard and quality across drainage networks which in turn allows local authorities to maintain the systems adequately.

Why Choose Paradigm for your Adoptable Pumping Stations?

Paradigm design engineers meet anually with many water authorities to ensure your technical submissions include the latest preferences to ensure a faster approvals process.  Paradigm will also negotiate directly with the water authority on your behalf in order to quickly rectify any queries that my arise on the pumping station submission.

Why do Paradigm put so much emphasis on the design process?

An unadopted pumping station can be a huge expense for a developer and making corrections to bring ot to an adoptable standard is even more costly.  Paradigm do everything possible to ensure the design finalised and approved prior to construction to ensure there are no delays in the final adoption process.

Watch our Sewers for Adoption video below to see how far we can help you!