WARNING: Pump Stations & Power Cuts & Surges

Over the past few weeks, Paradigm’s service department has seen a dramatic increase of service calls relating to failed pumping stations due to power cuts and surges.

Power cuts and surges can effect anything that is connected to mains power and can happen at any time.  Common times for these events are during thunderstorms when lightning hits a power transformer or other National Grid equipment creating power surges potentially up to 1000’s Volts in excess of the normal load.  Whilst some systems have surge protection and back-up generators, it is uncommon on the majority of pumping stations.

Following these events, you may find that the Power Supply lamp on the control panel may or may not be illuminated.  Please note that even if the lamp is illuminated, this gives no guarantee that the system is in working order as the pumps may require a manual reset.

After such events, it is important to contact your pumping station service provider to ensure that your pumping station is operational to reduce the risk of flooding.  SMS alarm systems can be retrofitted and programmed to alert effected parties of power failures.