The ‘One Contractor’ Solution

The complete adoptable pumping station solution provider.

On the 1st June 2015, Paradigm launched the long awaited ‘One Contractor’ Solution for 6th and 7th Edition Sewers for Adoption Pumping Stations. Following 12 long months of extensive research, by the management team and other senior officials, the team felt confident that they were ready to proceed to this new market area.

The scheme now offers clients a complete Design-to-Adoption package to streamline the process of installing SFA pumping stations. With a team of in-house consulting engineers and installation engineers, Paradigm handles the detailed design of the systems and will carry out all the approval processes with the water authority in question prior to any construction commencement. With their own Civil Contractor Framework in place, Paradigm will take care of the installation of the chambers and the complete construction of the compound to the point of final adoption handover to the Water Authority. Paradigm includes the installation and commissioning of all the pumping equipment including valves and controls to the point of final flow meter tests and Adoption Report for the local water authority.

The purpose of making this move in the market was to focus on reducing the number of contractors involved in the design, approval, construction and handover of Adoptable pumping Stations and making it a much easier solution for our clients as well as still being highly competitive.