Thames Water Flood Defences

During the winter months of 2013/14, the UK experienced some of the highest downfalls and worst flooding on record. Thousands of homes and businesses were evacuated, and hundreds of makeshift camps were set up to temporarily house the displaced.  Damaged property and insurance claims quickly escalated into hundreds of millions.

It was a time when every single flood defense system in the UK was tested to its limits from sea walls to pumping systems. Many areas of the country that were effected, were outside of the flood-risk zones so during the months following, the local water authorities worked tirelessly to increase flood defenses in the newly effected areas minimizing the risk of re-occurrence.

Paradigm has been working with Thames Water and their framework of engineers to develop new innovative systems to reduce the risk of homes flooding in the Berkshire area due to back-flow through the foul and surface water drainage systems. For more information on these unique systems, please call us on +44 (0)118 986 6101.

flood pump