What No One Tells You About Pumps

Don’t confuse Warranty with Maintenance

We hear it all the time, “we don’t need a service yet, it’s still under warranty”

Your pumping station is like a car.  It may have a manufacturer’s warranty but I’ll still need maintaining during the warranty period due to the nature of its operation, pumping waste water.

Think of it like this;

Pump Seals – like brake pads, have a limited lifespan due to wear

Pump Oil – Like a car, it needs regular monitoring and the occasional drain and refill

Pump Impellers – like your alloys should be free of chips and scuffs

Float Switches – Like your wiper blades, need to stay clean to operate correctly

Control Panel Components – like your Engine Control Unit (ECU) needs to be monitored and occasionally updated

Valves – Like your fuel filter the have the potential to block and stop the system

On a serious note, some building insurances can be void if there is no maintenance plan in place on critical pumping stations.

Take care of your systems for the most reliable results.