Design Rescue on MoD Development


Having issues with Adoptable Pumping Station submissions?  Check out how Paradigm design engineers assisted on a MoD project in Wiltshire where oversized chambers had been installed in the ground due to an incorrect pumping station design submission.

The £70m, 322 home development located in the Salisbury Plain had been planned by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to house soldiers and their families.  The project was well underway when there was an issue with the foul water pumping station design.  The wet well chamber had been constructed and the existing SFA submission was incorrect with a number of queries outstanding.  Paradigm were called in to complete a brand new Sewers for Adoption pumping station submission including a surge analysis to Veolia Water but working with the dimensions of the concrete chambers that had already been installed in the ground to help the client save time and money.

The full submission package and analysis included septicity, storage & hydraulic calculations, detailed rising main surge analysis and comprehensive M&E drawings.  The whole SFA 7th Edition submmission was completed and submitted to Veolia Water within 7 working days.  Paradigm is currently now project managing the mechanical and electrical installation of the equipment so keep an eye on the case study coming soon….