5 Facts you need to know about London Underground

With up to 5 million passenger journeys through 270 stations every day makes London Underground one of the busiest rail networks in the world.

Here are 5 fascinating facts about the water issues on network:

  1. Every day, over 47 million litres of water are pumped from the London Underground network to stop the tunnels flooding
  2. Victoria Station is so deep, they have pumping stations pumping 35 litres per second (126,000 per hour) to stop water coming through the walls as the station is effectively build under water
  3. The Waterloo Line has been dubbed ‘The Drain’ as water from the Thames continuously leaks through the tunnels resulting in pumping stations being required to remove the unwanted water
  4. During the WW2 and the Cold War, floodgates were been installed right across the Underground network due to the risk of bombing and ruptured sewers and water mains flooding the train tunnels
  5. The deepest Underground Station is Hampstead on the Northern Line which is 58.5m deep but London Bridge Station’s platforms are on average 22m below sea level.

Flood Gates

Flood gates being installed at a station during WW2