Antique Pumping Station Upgrades

Aging infrastructure?  It’s a very common issue and in fact last year it ranked No.1 among the top 5 water industry issues for the 4th year in a row.  During June, with the help of our consulting engineers, supply chain and technical advisors, we managed to secure a contract for the refurbishment and upgrade works to a number of very old surface water and sewage pumping stations.  Most of the pumping stations are pre-1980’s installations and were built to keep major highways from flooding or to remove waste water from large housing and industrial estates and have seen very little change ever since. However, due to deteriorating valves, pipework, pumps and control panels, these stations are well overdue for a facelift!

We are very grateful to all those involved in the tendering process and achieving us to work toward our goal of making pumping stations EASY for our clients.

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