Quick Guide: 5 Questions to Ask Before Instructing SFA Pumping Station Design

Where would we be without our water authorities?

Every year water authorities adopt hundreds of pumping stations that ensure all sewage waste from our offices, homes, leisure facilities, shopping centres etc. reach their sewage treatment works and is treated properly.

These pumping stations are critical pieces of equipment and it is absolutely imperative that the process is done correctly to ensure the adoption process is as smooth as possible.  A delayed adoption process will increase the ongoing maintenance costs incurred.

Here are 5 things you should ask your pump station provider before proceeding with the design process;

  1. Are you familiar with the preferences of the water authority in question including what SFA specification they are working to and addendum revision?
  2. What information to I need to supply for you to produce the full technical submission?
  3. What is your average response time to any queries that may arise from the Water Authority in relation to your technical submission?
  4. Would you be happy to meet with the Water Authority if required to speed up an approval process?
  5. Will you be prepared to carry out the M&E installation as well as the design phase?

These 5 qualifying questions should ensure your pumping station design is in safe hands.  Just remember the golden rule: DON’T AUTOMATICALLY GO FOR THE CHEAPEST PRICE – Often pumping stations are the means of which the waste from a whole development is discharged therefore if you have a non-operational pumping station, you have a non-operational site.  Always ensure the pump station undertaker is committed to seeing you from design to adoption.