5 Hidden Costs Targeted at Contractors

They can be full of technical phrases and numbers but the stuff you really need to know is hard to find.  This brief list will point out the 5 most commonly missed off items from private pumped drainage system quotations that make some companies seem cheaper.


  1. Manhole Covers – These are often listed as exclusions in quotations, or missed off completely, however, be warned that manhole covers for pumping stations can be odd sizes and not readily available from standard cover suppliers making them expensive.  This can be due to a lack of clarity on drawings with regards to cover type or weight loadings.
  2. Discharge Connection Fitting – Discharge connection fittings – to connect the pump station to a rising main can sometimes be a tricky task, as different materials and sizes can clash.  As a result of this connectors, sometimes very expensive, are missed off giving a headache later.  Connection fittings can be in the form of compression fittings, Viking Johnson flexible connector, flanges or fusion welded coupling.  Ensure rising main specification stated (although not necessarily priced as generally cheaper from a merchant) will match up with the pump station outlet.
  3. BMS Connectivity – Most new buildings now have Building Management Systems (BMS) and often expect to be able to connect the pumping station to it.  This means that control panels for pumping equipment must built with Volt-Free contacts or other compatible means of linking in with the BMS system to ensure pumping station faults notify relevant personnel.  To undertake a retro-fit to achieve this is difficult and expensive to achieve.
  4. M&E Commissioning – Surprisingly, this is often priced as an optional extra on pumping station quotations however, warranty is seldom given unless the system has been commissioned by qualified engineers.  Trying to undertake this without the required training can be very hazardous and should not be regarded as an option.
  5. O&M Manual – Following the supply and commissioning of a pumping station, manuals including as-built information and wiring diagrams should be supplied in hard copy and electronic format.  Ensure that you are not paying additional sums for copies of these.