Temporary Cabins & No Gravity Drainage?

  • Client: Contractor
  • Number of Pumping Stations: 1
  • Project Location: Croydon, Surrey
  • System Type: Temporary Foul Pumping Station

Don’t worry, there is a solution!  Paradigm have designed and manufactured an IP68 rated pumping station which can be located outside or under site huts/cabins with a control panel which can also be located on an external wall.  The system is fitted with 2no powerful macerating pumps with non return valves, easy inlet & outlet connections and a twin pump control panel with the capabilities of installing an SMS alarm system for early fault alerts.

The system was designed for a contractor who was spending £1,000’s per month to empty a waste holding tank located below the cabins.  As gravity drainage could not be achieved, the pumping station was installed and the rising main was run to the nearest gravity sewer.  The payback period for the pumping station was less than 2 months!

To find out more about our site cabin solutions, please contact consultant Tim Gulley at tim.@pump.net or +44 (0)118 986 6101