Severe Flooding Issue Resolved in Berkshire

  • Client: Land Owner
  • Number of Pumping Stations: 1
  • Project Location: Reading
  • System Type: Surface Water Pumping Station

During June 2016, Paradigm engineers were called to attend a serious flooding issue at one of Reading’s busiest dual carriageways taking vehicles through the city centre to the central Rail Station.  With a high risk of vehicles becoming stranded, time wasn’t on our side.

 Built to keep the A329 dry, a main traffic route through Readings town centre, a pump station built below a roundabout in the late 1970’s was due for some serious repair work.  The system consisted of three shaft-driven dry-well pumps with combined 300mm discharge pipework and valves.  The pumping station had originally be maintained by Thames Water however as a result of a policy change the pump station was handed back to the land owner to take care of.  In July 2016, the owners realised that this pump station was due for some significant overhauls and required a maintenance package put in place. 

Once a proud investment but now a poor state of affairs, the pump station required a serious overhaul.  Within the two week time frame, Paradigm design consultants and engineers worked to provide a solution that would bring the pumping station up to an operational level for the next 18-24 months.

Keeping our in-house designers busy, a solution was reached to ensure that from the construction through to the running and maintenance of the system was taken into hand from an early point in the process.  Three new pumps were used in the construction complete with replacement pipework and valves discharging a total volume of 150l/sec at maximum capacity.  Along with a complete change of control system with the latest state-of-the-art ultrasonic level controls, a remote telemetry outstation was installed to provide an early warning of any potential issues. 

As a result of this achievement the client representative thanked our teams for the incredible result achieved in bring this system from a near environmental hazard to a reliable and once again, operational pumping station.

A33 Flood