Mount Kelly School, Tavistock

  • Client: Main Contractor
  • Number of Pumping Stations: 1
  • Project Location: Tavistock, Devon
  • System Type: Surface Water VSD Pumping Station

January 2016 saw the securing of a 150,000 litre specialist surface water pumping station contract for the new 50m Olympic Legacy swimming pool project at Mount Kelly School in Tavistock.  Paradigm have been working on the design with the consulting engineers for the past 18 months as the pump discharge point is in a natural fish breeding area controlled by the Environment Agency.

The sophisticated multi-chamber packaged pumping station is fully equipped with with flow metering and varliable speed drive operating Grundfos pumps to ensure the pump discharge will not exceed the discharge consent given.  The pumped water will be entering the River Tavvy through a 750mm wide sluice gate after leaving the pumping main right at the location of a natural fish breeding zone.  Paradigm have taken every precaution necessary to ensure the natural habitat is not effected by the pumped water and the fish will continue to breed in the area.

Mount Kelly