About Us

Why Choose Paradigm?…….because it’s EASY!

Paradigm Group has over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of pumping solutions for surface water and sewage whether for private drainage or Sewers for Adoption.  As a company we focus on designing and delivering the best and most sustainable pumping stations to suit the requirements of our clients ensuring that all current CDM, SFA and Building regulations are adhered to.

Paradigm’s levels of quality in service and manufacture has been a key part in securing projects for government departments such as the MOJ and MOD as well as marine, aerospace, rail and road agencies.  As an company, we are very client-focused ensuring we align ourselves with the values of our clients as well as maintaining our own Core Values.  We are very willing to take care of the approval process with external consulting engineers or water authorities on behalf of our clients to make their experience with Paradigm EASY

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver sustainable pumping station solutions by combining innovation and technology and consistently striving to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make pumping systems one of the easiest products for our clients to procure by offering exceptionally high standards of support and sales consultancy.

Our Values

  • integrityIntegrity – the number one of our fundamental core values that ensures our team demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles in the workplace and building relationships with our clients and suppliers based on honesty and trust.
  • peopleDeveloping our People – encouraging our team to constantly grow and expand in their knowledge of our market and releasing the potential in everyone, develops a strong professional bond amongst the team which in turn enhances our unique customer experience.
  • sustainabilitySustainability of Design – taking the long-term view of how our systems and solutions will effect future generations with regards to effectiveness and maintainability and making sure we will be providing the most cost effective solution.
  • Ambitiously Innovative – deliberately applying information, imagination and initiative to achieve greater or different value from our resources is the key to our great solutions and upholding our ‘Easy’ mission.